Crossplatform Bid Game

The new generation of bid gaming is here!

Connect instantly with other players through our chat . Get to know your opponents and access their profiles. Invite your friends, earn free tokens, and play together!
Get in touch and socialize with other players. Say what you want to say or what you want them to hear. It’s all part of your strategy.
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Tablets, Drones, TV, iPhones, Computers and much more can be yours! Download and join with your Facebook account now to WIN amazing prizes!


Play & win new brand name electronics including Sony Play Station, Beats from Dr.Dre, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, XBOX, Apple TV, Android TV and many more!


Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabana, Kenzo, Michael Kors are just a few luxury brands you can play for & win in our app!


Ray-Ban sunglasses, Gucci wallets, designer Swiss jewelry, Rolex watches, and many more of the world's best luxury brands can be won with BidRush!

See how it works

01 Join

Choose The Prize
You Would Like To Win

02 Add BID coins

Every BID coin you add gives you another chance to win

03 Play

Play your BID coins to get to the highest position

04 Win

Be in the highest position when the timer hits :00 and win

01 Join

Choose auction to join — "Play for Fun" or "Play for Prizes"

02 Pre-cap

Choose auction to join — "Play for Fun" or "Play for Prizes"

03 BID

Choose auction to join — "Play for Fun" or "Play for Prizes"

04 Win

Choose auction to join — "Play for Fun" or "Play for Prizes"

Future plans

New Auto-bid Feature!

The auto bid is the cruise control of bidding in auction games. When you activate auto bid, it places a bid for you at the last second before the timer hits :00. To activate the auto bid just press and hold the “Play” button when you are bidding and the golden “Play” button will turn to a pink bubble gum color, tap again to cancel.


We're adding luxury prizes like the Mercedes Benz CLA 63 AMG sedan! Level up in VIP to be able to play and win today!

Levels And Achievements

We love our players, which is why we're working hard to create a more exciting and interesting game experience for you. Stay tuned for our grand update in Levels & Achievements, coming soon! Check back regularly for the exact date on our release day and get free bonuses!