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Bid Rush Starting Guide

Many new bidders win one or two auctions in the “Play For Fun” section only to find that they are virtual prizes and not actually real. So to play for real prizes, you have to switch to the “Play for Real Prizes” tab. Some of you may be wondering, is it a scam? And I’ve played enough times to know that, if you’re playing at Bid Rush, then the answer is No.

“Play for Fun” section is more like “Play for Practice” where you can get a feel for it and really start to discover and build your own strategy. Then, switching over to “Play For Prizes” is wise, once you have it down. You get renewable Tokens that are used to buy BIDs, those ones are totally free, no charge at all, but there is a catch. All items that you win in Play for Fun will reward you with FREE tokens that this item worth and those Tokens, when you will have enough, you can exchange for Credits. Yes, yes for Credits that can be used to win amazing prizes, like iPhones, laptops and other stuff. So actually by playing and winning even virtual items you are making your step for the real prizes.

So how do you start winning? There are a few points:

  • Invite your friends to the Bid Rush and get free tokens. Those tokens will help you to get Credits and win real prizes
  • Try to win virtual auctions first, to see how it works, to build you own strategy
  • Get know yours competes. To build your strategy you have to learn the behavior of yours competes, do they place one bid in each of twenty auctions, spreading their energy and money around? Or do they get in one auction and stay in it until they win it? Are they timid, placing three or four bids and then scramming when they don’t win? Learn who’s committed to jumping as a strategy and the bidders who start to bid late in the game (when the game should be over) hoping for an easy win but watch long enough to know how long they’ll bid after they jump. Learn who the pro bidders are while you’re on your way to becoming one.
  • You can always be sure that there is no bots in auction by chatting other players or checking their game profile.
  • Check player profile. That will give you great overview of the people you are playing with. Learn what items they love more, how many victories they have and the most important, who are they. That info will help you to adjust your strategy to those you are playing with.
  • Play with your friends. You can invite your friends that already in BidRush to your auction and play together. That will enhance your chances for winning by building a teamwork.

There are no secrets and no secret tactics. To win the auction you just have to be careful, to correctly calculate the forces and keep track of your opponents.

How to play
  • Beginning capitalization

    In order to start playing you must first join the auction. To do this, select the auction in which you are interested in the subject is played, join it by clicking on its image. You will see how many players are already interested in it and how much the ITEM is close to the beginning of the game, "interest to the start." Buy amount of BIDs you are interested in. BID price will depend on the value of the object itself.

    After you bought BIDs on the item you are interested in, you will automatically join the auction. In the chat, you can always talk with your opponents, try to find out from them how many BIDs they bought and according to think about their game plan and calculate your chances of winning.

    Also during item capitalization you have the option to invite a friend. The only restriction, that person has to be an active player in BidRush. You can build a unique strategy with your friends, which will greatly increase your chance of winning.

    Of course, if you really want this item, you can always fully, the total amount of capitalization, though more correct strategy is to buy back most of the BIDs (you'll see how to fill out the interest to start) and to wait for the auction start, so you will have an advantage over other players and more likely to get the desired item at a huge discount. It should be noted that players do not see how many BIDs each player bought and the presence of large number of participants does not mean that the BIDs were purchased by them in equal numbers, and the fact that there is no leader in the number of purchased BIDs.

    Just as it was written above, you can team up with your friends. Today, they help you, but tomorrow you help them.

  • Auction start

    After the completion of capitalization phase, percentage of income up to 100%, the auction proceeds to the active stage. It begins drawing. Drawing start time will be shown in the auction timer, and you will receive a notification on your mobile device directly before the actual rally.

    The drawing consists of 4 stages, between which there is a pause. Pause made in order to enable you to catch your breath and get ready for the next step. In order to move from stage to stage is required to make a sufficient number of bids. If the amount of BIDs are not enough and the item auction does not move to the next stage the one who puts the last BID is a winer.

    The required number of bids for the transition to the next stage, in percentage terms, can be seen at the top of the screen. Players have a limited time to place their BIDs. This time is synchronized between all the players and displayed on the screen as a timer. Each time a player place a BID, the timer resets, that allows other players also place their BIDs. This levels the playing mechanics of the auction for the players and allows to win the one who will not push the button rapidly all the time, but the one who is more seasoned and follows the right strategy. The auction winner, is the one whose BID was the last (highest bidder) at the time of the timer end.

    Even with a small amount of BIDs you have all the chances to win.

Why I started to play BidRush

Many of us use the services of ebay or aliexpress so what's the difference? Why BidRush?

  • BidRush is by far the only social auction, which means that you can communicate with their rivals, friends and just make new acquaintances with interesting people

  • In BidRush is an element of the game, tactics, strategy, games with friends. No more boring button poke

  • BidRush completely clean from bots and it means that all the drawings are held quite honestly between players. No one will be specifically to inflate rates, to pull out of you extra money. How to check it? Very simple. You can always see the profile of the person who is playing with you, check his activity. All players registered in BidRush with their Facebook profiles, and you can always find and check the man there.

  • Participation in the auction resembles joint purchasing, where a group of participants resets to capitalize its value, so you can win / buy the desired item at a huge discount.

  • The possibility to play for real prizes in “Play for Real” or just for fun in “Play for Free”, nevertheless even playing for fun you earn tokens which can then be converted into credits, in-game currency that allows you to play for real prizes. This means that no matter how you spend your time in the game, you always win.

  • The ebay auction type or aliexpress participating in the raffle you depend on different vendors, which are not always clean and on hand whenever you need to communicate with different people. In BidRush seller is always one and that he guarantees you quality service and cleanliness of the transaction

  • Cross-platform. No matter where you are and no matter what a device you handle you always have access to the game. BidRush available as on mobile devices running IOS or Android and on Facebook. Who else from the auction allows you to play with your account on Facebook? The answer is simple - no. What does it gives to you? That it does not matter you are at home, with friends or on a journey, yet next to you any internet connected device, you're in the game!

  • The drawing does not last for days. Surely everyone who has ever participated in the auction faced with the fact that the drawing of the desired object lasts for days and there are two options, or sit back and control the process or use the automatic bid system. Both options are very tedious and time-consuming. In the first, if you absent, you've lost, in the second, about the same only with a specific insurance where you do expose your maximum bid, and if you have decided to increase, but did not make it in time? It's different in BidRush. First there is the capitalization stage where you buy the desired number of BIDs and then draw itself. Quick, lightning, there is no need to sit and wait for hours.

For me, enough of these 8 points, however I am sure that each of you joining BidRush find for themselves their own advantages.